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C:lab event // Dinner at Harry's

C:lab event // Dinner at Harry's
Dinner at Harry's

As part of our c:lab event series, we visited Italian designer Harry Thaler in his studio for an intimate dinner.


Mr Thaler didn't only charm us with his live-in studio designed and built by himself, but also surprised us with a creative and beautifully presented 4-course dinner: Italian-Japanese fusion style.


After stimulating conversations about his work and practice over 3 courses, we could have expected anything but a (PINK) homemade ginger pasta, of course, Harry-style and in tone with all the colours of his London fields studio.


Guests had a hard time leaving and also got a sneak peek on his newest prototypes and designs.


We can only hope Harry will host us again soon.


Grazie Harry!





Harry Thaler is a designer based in London. His work explores the world through reinvented objects and juxtapositions with a surprising and charming elegance. His elaborate designs are built on a foundation of traditional techniques and high quality craftsmanship creating a sensation of timelessness in his work. Harry’s background as a goldsmith and craftsman has a strong effect on his design process. Therefore a rich and layered body of work emerges implying functionality and elegance as essential characteristics.


Harry graduated from the Royal College of Art in Product Design in June 2010 and was praised with the Conran Award 2010 as well as with the Interior Innovation Award 2011 in Cologne. Harry Thaler is the recipient of  iF Product Design Award 2014. 




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