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Cityscape: contemporary art in Copenhagen by Alex Gubi Kierrumgaard

Cityscape: contemporary art in Copenhagen by Alex Gubi Kierrumgaard
Alex Gubi Kierrumgaard. Photo Credit: Simone Bahnsen.

art:i:curate asks people to share their perspectives of the city they live in. Alex Gubi Kierrumgaard shares his insights into contemporary art in Copenhagen.


Alex Gubi Kierrumgaard is Editor-in-chief at Cold North Magazine.



Describe your city's cultural vibe in 3 words.

Inspiring, curious, diverse.


Three things to do when you visit Copenhagen.

You should definitely pay the National Gallery of Denmark a visit. The very unique mixture of old and contemporary architecture is absolutely breathtaking, and their curations and exhibitions never disappoints.

The V1 Gallery is next up. Situated in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district, this urban and rather small gallery always manages to draw the attention of fantastic artists. Right now there’s a really great Geoff Mcfetridge exhibition happening at the gallery, which is definitely recommendable.

Last but not least, you should visit the Botanical Gardens in the inner city area. Such a great place to go, if you just want to relax and forget everything about time and space for a while.


Your city's soundtrack

For the endless kilometers you cover on your bike in a day in Copenhagen, I prefer a local band called Battle. All you need is drums and guitar. Check them out.


Where does one find you on a Thursday evening?

At gallery openings, the best café-secret in town Beau Marché or at one of Copenhagen’s many bars.


Where is the best area in the city to experience the contemporary art in Copenhagen. 

Despite the relatively small size of the city, Copenhagen has quite a lot of places and spaces that represents great local art. However I believe Copenhagen’s meatpacking district is a really great area, if you want to discover and explore the creative scene.


Three artists from Copenhagen to watch.

Alexander Tovborg, HuskMitNavn and of course the great TAL R.


Next destination




National Gallery of Denmark.


Botanical Gardens.


Contemporary art in Copenhagen: V1 Gallery, Photo Credit: Jan Søndergaard, Courtesy of V1 Gallery and Geoff McFetridge.

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