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Cityscape: contemporary art in Berlin by Fofi Vergidou

Cityscape: contemporary art in Berlin by Fofi Vergidou
Fofi Vergidou.

art:i:curate asks people to share their perspectives of the city they live in. Cityscape ​is a collection of city scenes from around the world. 


Fofi Vergidou is a curator and Gallery Director at DNA Berlin.



Describe Berlin's cultural vibe in 3 words.

Raw, daring, evolving.


Three things to do when you visit Berlin.

Visit the temporary exhibitions at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum, one of the best cultural institutes of Berlin.

Walk around Tiergarten and explore all the hidden statues in the park.

Watch a movie at KINO International at Schillingstrasse, one of the best representative buildings of the DDR era.


Your city's soundtrack.

Techno - Techno – Techno.


Where does one find you on a Thursday evening?

On a Thursday night, I usually go to an opening of an exhibition around Mitte. I enjoy meeting the artists and talking about their work, exploring new ideas around art over a glass of wine and some good friends.


Where is the best area in the city to experience the contemporary art in Berlin?

In fact, the best area to explore the local art scene is Mitte, somewhere around Friedrichstrasse, Auguststrasse and Linienstrasse. The mixture between forthcoming emerging artists and already established ones creates the city's famous cultural collage.


Three artists from Berlin to watch.

Carsten Nicolai: The artist uses electronic sound and visual art as a kind of hybrid tool to create his own microscopic view of creative processes. Stage name also: Alva Noto.

Ola Kolehmainen: Photographer and member of the famous Helsinki School. Ola works with the interior and exterior architecture of buildings as an examination of urban space, light and color. His work reflects and questions the way we are used to looking at things.

Karl Horst Hödicke: His painterly inventions mark as well the beginning of a new movement in expressionist abstract and figurative painting in Berlin. If I had to represent Berlin with only one artist, Hödicke would be my first and only choice.


Next destination

Copenhagen. The cultural vibe from Denmark creates a clean cut and interesting outcome, worth to explore. Favorite artist: Olafur Eliasson.



Contemporary art in Berlin: Takafumi Hara, Project Auguststrasse (2004) in Mitte. 



Contemporary art in Berlin: Clemens Krauss, "A space" (2006), Gallery view at DNA.


Contemporary art in Berlin. Mariana Vassileva, "Rasender Stillstand" (2000), Auguststrasse (Mitte).


All images courtesy of DNA Gallery.

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