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Cityscape: Antwerp by Karen van Godtsenhoven

Cityscape: Antwerp by Karen van Godtsenhoven
Karen van Godtsenhoven shot by Frederik Heyman.

Cityscape  ​is a collection of city scenes from around the world shared by people from the art:i:curate network. Karen van Godtsenhoven, curator at MoMu, shares her perspective on art and culture in Antwerp.


Karen is curator at MoMu, Antwerp's fashion museum. On the side, she works on different literary and artistic projects with local artists. She has a keen interest in young Belgian artists.



Describe your city's cultural vibe in 3 words.

Lively, adventurous, social.


Three things to do when you visit Antwerp.

Go to Middelheim, the open air museum, go to the port at dusk and visit the lost port towns, visit MoMu.


Your city's soundtrack.

Instant Street by the Antwerp band dEUS. It's very Antwerp, also the video.


Where does one find you on a Thursday evening?

At an activist art walk or a new gallery opening at Borger, a new collective of artists in the north of Antwerp.


Where is the best area in the city to experience the art and creative scene in Antwerp?

Borgerhout, the northside of the city where all the young artists and new galleries have moved. The South also has lots of galleries but more established. At Borger, the monthly open studio night is really buzzing with activity and great people.


Three artists from Antwerp to watch.

Rinus van de Velde,

 Shana Teugels,

 and especially Nel Aerts.


Next destination

San Francisco!



Vincent geyskens, De gouden dageraad 21, Installation View. Image courtesy Trampoline.



BIRDS OF PARADISE: Plumes & Feathers in Fashion at MoMu, Antwerp.

Image courtesy of MoMu.



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