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Bright Young Things - Central Saint Martin’s Degree Show 2014

Bright Young Things - Central Saint Martin’s Degree Show 2014
Mr M-L

art:i:curate contributor Charlotte Meddings shares her view on Central Saint Martin’s Degree Show 2014.


I must admit it has been many years since I have visited or even thought about degree shows. So when the invite hits my inbox it transports me back to my own degree show and Uni days over a decade ago.


Deeply intense debates about whether the colour pink really existed or, if in fact it should be called ‘cool red’ and the smell of cheap lager, stale fags and ambition…


We were... to varying degrees talented but, clueless nowhere near fully equipped for the real (art) world, but we have over the years managed to find our way through the pitfalls and dangers.


Fast forward to 2014 and the CSM Degree Show where the smell of stale fags and booze has been replaced with talent, pumping through the whole building.


We are greeted by the switched on, network savvy bright young things. These kids don’t miss a trick for an opportunity. They know this is their leap into the real (art) world and they want to get it right, so theories of their work are recited perfectly and questions about their production are never left unanswered.


First up is Anna Kolosova. Anna is a ‘live combine’ artist who takes her framework from Rauschenberg, who first coined the term ‘combine painting’ to describe his own creations.


Rauschenberg, explored the lines between integrating art and everyday life by introducing objects and materials to the surface of his painting, taking them from 2D to sculptural hybrids.


Anna takes this idea one step further and incorporates herself into the piece. She achieves this by physically attaching herself to the work, thus becoming a ‘live combine’ piece.


Her delicate colours and punk approach immediately conflicts and pulls the work in different directions, but once she steps into the work, taking it from an object and into the reality of the gallery walls, its seems to settle and make sense.


Next our focus shifts over to the entirely different work of Nicole Coson, favorited by Mr. B for her delicate use of ink on canvas to produce ambiguous, deformed and odd yet strangely inviting portraits. Small in form and always black and white. I agree, it reminds me of Glenn Brown but in monochrome.


Finally over to the photography section and we are introduced to Sinaida Michalskaja who produces vast beautiful photographic prints of windows, that seem to flicker between real and artificial. Always photographed from outside giving the viewer the opportunity to peer into the strangers world, her work explores how we curate our windows to the outside world. Sinaida’s eloquent wisp about why she loves windows and the theories behind her work, which are simple yet fascinating makes me look at windows in an entirely different light.


Sinaida’s work like Anna’s steps from 2D into reality by the carefully half unwrapped print that drapes the celphane from the surface into the gallery space, bridging the gap between the moment that the image was taken and the exact moment that we are stood looking at it.


Mr. M-L, loved the arts and science section at the front of the building and got lost for hours amongst the strands of silver and gold.


There were many stars shining brightly that day, and many wondrous careers just starting, remember these names these are the artists of the future. 



Anna Kolosova



Sinaida Michalskaja 



Nicole Conson


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