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Berta De La Rosa On Raising Funds For Her Project Getsemaní

Berta De La Rosa On Raising Funds For Her Project Getsemaní
Getsemani, 2015, image courtesy of the artist.

art:i:curate artist Berta De La Rosa tells us about her current project 'Getsemaní' and how our art crowd funding platform can help her bring it to life. 


YL: What is 'Getsemaní' about? And why is it important to you to create a publication? 


BDLR: Getsemaní reflects on life and death. My point of departure are my origins, talking about the olive trees my father planted when I was born, and the fact that they will be uprooted because they are not profitable anymore.


I used images of the last olive handpicking harvest, which emphasises the relationship between workers and trees. While thinking about the proper way to approach the subject I found a spiritual bouquet in my grandfather's wallet from the Garden of Gethsemane, Jerusalem. This place is sacred to Christians and echoes death and betrayal. So Getsemaní (Spanish term of Gethsemane) tells the story of a holy place, which is the vanishing landscape I belong to, and a forthcoming tragedy, which is the precarious future for agricultural workers.


I have always been fascinated by books as objects of art. For this reason, I want to tell the story through a self-produced and published limited edition.



Getsemani, 2015, image courtesy of the artist.



YL: How does the form of a photobook reflect in the project's theme?


BDLR: In my recent work, I have presented personal stories that raise broader sociological questions. In this case, I spot the crisis in the agricultural sector in the South of Spain creating a personal interpretation of a story of the Christian Bible. So, I am creating a book but also referring to a book.


I have used an Asahi Pentax KX 35mm, which emulates the mechanical system in which manzanilla olives are picked by hand from the trees. This is why I am interested in doing a precious handmade edition, since from the beginning to the end, the work has been produced mainly manually.


YL: Will an exhibition of this project take place? 


BDLR: I have been developing installations in small scale for a future exhibition at the Bomb Factory in London. In these models, I make use of images, olive stones, leaves and different printing techniques. The show will take place in December, but funding is an essential point to develop everything as planned.


YL: Why are you fundraising? How important does the art crowdfunding outcome mean to this project? 


BDLR: I believe that the art crowd funding platform at art:i:curate provides an exceptional and valuable way to support artists in their creative process. In my case, as I make everything using analog systems to offer a genuine outcome, the costs of production are very high. So reaching my target is crucial to give light to this project.



Getsemani, 2015, image courtesy of the artist.



Getsemani, 2015, image courtesy of the artist.



Getsemani, 2015, image courtesy of the artist.



Alpízar. Irás y no volverás 03, 2013, giclée photographic print, 55 × 80 x 3.5 cm, edition of 5, image courtesy of the artist.



Berta De La Rosa's work Alpízar. Irás y no volverás 03 was successfully funded through the art:i:curate art crowd funding platform. Find out more about how to become a patron of arts


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