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Benedetta Panisson At The Archaelogical Museum Of Milan

Benedetta Panisson At The Archaelogical Museum Of Milan
Benedetta Panisson, Bibe Vivas, image courtesy of the artist.

art:i:curate artist Benedetta Panisson presented her latest photographic project at the Archaelogical Museum of Milan as part of the conference 'Milano capitale del nutrimento tra storia e contemporaneita', curated by Barbara Biscotti.


Benedetta's ongoing interest in the union between photography and the aesthetics of sexuality often evolves in photographic projects where the sea becomes a sexual metaphor. In her ongoing photographic series People do Water and Excess Island the artist assigns to her images aesthetics of sexuality by producing a photographic analysis on human bodies in physical relation with the water. The element of the water as well as the utopian idea of the island invite the viewers to perform a simultaneous act of self – exploration and reinvention through their direct connection with the natural elements.


On the occasion of this conference that involves art and academic research, Benedetta's contribution is a photographic sequence curated by Charlotte Laura Garlaschelli and introduction to a project still in progress in collaboration with Roman-law historian Barbara Biscotti. This photographic project has emerged from the will to intersect the imbalances and the balances of knowledge, the necessary discipline of the scientific research and the necessary indiscipline of art.


'Where is water in Milan? Where is it trackable? From this starting point Benedetta Panisson's project develops the representation of the tension between a present-present and a present on the traces of the past.'  Charlotte Laura Garlaschelli


Benedetta Panisson is a visual artist based in Milan. Working with a range of media including video installation, photography, live performance and drawing part of her research is dedicated to the aesthetic of sexuality. She holds BA in Aesthetics from Ca' Foscari University,Venice and a MA in New Technology for the Art from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan. She is the recipient of the Istituto Veneto per Venezia Award 2014. She was exhibited at 'S'adapter a l'Anthropocene', curated by UNESCO and Coalition pour l'art et le developpement durable Maison de l'UNESCO - COAL (Paris, 2013); 'Rotation F to M', Kolima Contemporary Culture (Milan, 2011); 'International Prize for Performance', curated by Marina Abramovic, Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art (Trento, 2005).



Benedetta Panisson, People do Water, 2013, lambda print, 60 x 35 cm, edition of 5, courtesy of the artist.



Benedetta's work People do Water was successfully funded through the art:i:curate art crowd funding platform. Find out more about how to become a patron of arts


Collect photography by Benedetta Panisson.                                              

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