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art:i:curate presents Urban Bliss in London's Soho

art:i:curate presents Urban Bliss in London's Soho
August - Immortals, c-type print. Marita Pappa.

This November, art:i:curate presents Urban Bliss, a group exhibition in London’s Soho. The audience is invited to explore the connection between the physical and programmed, where the perception of abstraction is altered. 


Urban Bliss touches upon the notion of utopia and its relation to digital society. Through video, photography and mixed media, five emerging artists create a fictional dialogue at Graphic, a space presenting groundbreaking art connected to its street style.  


The show relates to questions about the possibility of building a bubble in a digital world and the degree of control that the digital exercises over its participants. From the documentation of a perfect place to the idea of techno-utopia, the artists attempt to step closer to the perception of what a ‘model space’ might look like. Urban Bliss brings together aspects of reality, idealised by each artist and becomes a timeless link between the self and the urban, the organic and the technological.


Marita Pappa’s photographs depict modern urban life romanticising the everyday city. Her photographs show the unique identity of each place she visits, this way creating ‘documents' of surreal scenes. 


Bruce Ingram collects and re-arranges images to create an ideal place and mood, that in turn constitutes an inspiration for a new composition.


As Gabriel Esteban Molina's work focuses on the micro and macro cosmos, distorting space and enhancing the perception of the ideal, Kristina Pulejkova’s views of the post-human nature depict a timeless realm in the technological era.


Mari Masouridou's photographs lie between the ideal and realistic world bringing the audience into a conflict of opinion. Is it a question of coming closer to utopia or just being unable to perceive reality?


Participating artists: Bruce IngramKristina Pulejkova, Mari MasouridouGabriel Esteban Molina and Marita Pappa. Curated by Christina Makri and Despoina Tzanou



Private view: Tuesday, 6.30pm - 8.30pm, 8th of November, 2016. RSVP

On view from 8th until 26th of November at Graphic Bar, 4 Golden Square, London W1F 9HT.


Learn more about Graphic.

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