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art:i:curate network // meet Heidy Purga

art:i:curate network // meet Heidy Purga
Heidi Purga, art:i:curate member

Every week we select people from our platform and get to know them. We spoke to 
Heidy Purga about music, vinyls and Parliament elections.


City: Talinn

Profession: Tv producer/councellor of ERR (Estonian Public Broadcasting)

Secret profession or as kid I wanted to be: Singer / songwriter



AIC: How would you describe your own personal aesthetic?

HP: Sound from 60’s and 70’s, Scandinavian nature laying around the urban landscapes.


AIC: How would your friends describe your personality?

HPBraveheart with a great mission.


AIC: What inspires you?

HP: A moment. A moment before: touching an old vinyl with my hands before listening, a moment before decision, a moment before answering a phone, a moment before a kiss, a moment before falling asleep, etc.    


AIC: Who's your hero?

HPMy little son Villiam.


AIC: Do you consider yourself a collector? If so, what do you collect?

HP: I do collect vinyls. Music from 60’s and 70’s, soul, funk, disco, blues, rare grooves. I consider myself as a beginner, this has been my hobby over 10 years. I would love to collect Estonian art, there's going on a lot in Estonian creative fields. 


AIC: What's your most precious possession?

HP: A curious mind. 


AIC: What does the term curating mean to you?

HP: Giving a chance and freedom for creation.


AIC: If you could curate an exhibition, what would it be about?

HP: Music.


AIC: How did you discover art:i:curate?

HP: Through a good friend. I'm loving an idea about giving a chance, a platform to talented people!  


AIC: What do you like about art:i:curate?

HPFreshness, mostly. And that feeling without any boundaries. 


AIC: Favourite art:i:curate artist(s).

HPI'm discovering yet.


AIC: How do you usually experience art ?

HP: It doesn't always happen in galleries. Quite often it could be a moment of your everyday life you are surrounded by.  


AIC: Tell me something about yourself - anything.​​

HPAfter becoming a mom, after 20 years work in Public Broadcasting house, re-reforming a radiostation and producing the biggest musicshow in national TV I decided to step out of my comfort zone and run for a Estonian Parliament elections.



Connect with Heidy and see what art she likes.

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