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art:i:curate network // meet Francesco Bruno Solari

art:i:curate network // meet Francesco Bruno Solari
Francesco Bruno Solari, art:i:curate member living in Geneva / Paris / Lisbon.

Every week, different people from the art:i:curate network talk to us about what inspires them, what they collect, and what curation means to them. Francesco Bruno Solari talks Irving Penn, William Eggleston, Mitch Epstein and his other "babies".



CityI am half Swiss and half Portuguese. I am Geneva-based for work, spend time in Paris with my husband, and as often as possible in magnificent Lisbon.

ProfessionCreative Director / Producer for Advertising and Corporate cross-channel media communications (mostly luxury brands)

As a kid I wanted to beFrançois Truffaut or Magellan


AIC:  How would you describe your own personal aesthetic?

FBSJoyful, multilayered, multicultural.


AIC: How would your friends describe your personality?

FBS: Loving, witty, introspective, playful.


AIC: What inspires you?

FBSEverything inspires me, the good, the bad and the ugly. As dear Diana Vreeland would say: "The eye HAS to travel!" and today the internet is an extraordinary window to the world.


AIC: Who's your hero?

FBS: Anyone who transforms unhappiness and suffering into happiness.


AIC: Do you consider yourself a collector? If so, what do you collect?

FBS: I bought my first photograph, a Duane Michals, at Sidney Janis Gallery in New York in 1983 for 300 dollars. It was based on a Constantine Cavafy poem from which Duane Michals transcribed:
"I was always a victim of beauty, struck by its perfection, it was always there, other, and I, here, flawed".
Since then many other photographs were bought and sold. Mostly we have evolved and own larger format including images by Irving Penn, William Eggleston, Mitch Epstein, Lynn Davis, Candida Höfer and younger artists such as Charles Fréger or Dino Dinco.


AIC: What's your most precious possession?

FBS: I love all our babies, but my heart keeps a special place for our 1972 Irving Penn "Street Findings" (from the cigarette series) a rare and large Dye Transfer.


AIC: What does the term curating mean to you?

FBSCurating is in everything, all the time. Curating is fun.


AIC:  If you could curate an exhibition, what would it be about?

FBS: Photography.


AIC: How did you discover art:i:curate?

FBS: Through Duane Nasis a promising photographer whose work I had seen on Tumblr.


AIC: Favourite art:i:curate artist(s).

FBS: Not excluding anyone, as of yet I like: Duane NasisKensuke KoikeKerr McIlwraith.



Factum Michael, 2014 Duane Nasis.



AIC: How do you usually experience contemporary art?

FBS: Everywhere! Museums, Fairs, Galleries, Artist studios, Internet.


AIC: Tell me something about yourself - anything.​​

FBS: Creative Director by profession, gay Boulevardier by nature.



Connect with Bruno and see what emerging contemporary art he likes here.

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