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art:i:curate artist Hooman Mehdizadehjafari and Hamed Rashtian reveal 'The Pond'

art:i:curate artist Hooman Mehdizadehjafari and Hamed Rashtian reveal 'The Pond'

arti:curate artist Hooman Mehdizadehjafari and Hamed Rashtian, both young Iranian artists, present a cooperative mixed-media urban installation entitled 'The Pond' in Izad Shahr, Iran. 


For their most ambitious outdoor project yet, the contemporary artists were invited to make a specific design for a designated area in an under-construction cultural complex in Izad Shahr, Iran. The project is located in the largest professional modern art center in Iran which is dependent on the private sector after The Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran. 


The artists were asked to create a harmonic piece with the surrounding environment, across three seperate areas of different elevations and dimensions. The proposed area was to be the main entrance of the complex, therefore the space needed to remain practical according to building`s function as well as make an interactive space between the art and audiences.


After considering the requirements and possibilities, Hooman and Hamed spent about four months planning the design for the space. They made a unique decision to improve their concept in a larger area, deciding to include a nearby modern building in their work and incorporate three main points of focus in their design. Three bronze figures, each gradually surfacing from the ground, look towards the next one in a triangular connecting space. The last figure, which is entirely out from the ground, is pointing out to the vertex point of the building by its pose. The hand-made mosaics designed for the roof of the building are indeed the pixelate patterns that can be seen in all different parts of the work as water droplets. These pixels change in shape in the surrounding area of the figures, as if they are ripples of water. In order to experience the same feeling at night, the two artists designed special waterproof LED light boxes between the mosaic pieces.


Over a total of 13 months, a team of more than forty people helped the two artists visualize their concept.












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All images courtesy Hooman Mehdizadehjafari

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