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art:i:curate artist Gedvile Bunikyte at Lawrence Alkin Gallery

art:i:curate artist Gedvile Bunikyte at Lawrence Alkin Gallery
Image via Lawrence Alkin Gallery

art:i:curate artist Gedvile Bunikyte is showing her work at Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London for their exhibition 'MIX', on view until 13th September.  


MIX: Summer Group Show

18 July 2014 - 13 September 2014

Lawrence Alkin Gallery's current exhibition is called 'MIX' and forms part of the gallery’s biannual group show programme, which showcases and introduces the breadth of artists that are associated with the gallery.


The exhibition runs throughout the summer offering the chance to view a wide variety of art and artists. On display are new original works from their roster of contemporary and street artists alongside iconic pieces from world renowned names, including classic oil on canvas to neon/light sculpture and even latex.

Other participating artists include:
Chapman Brothers, Andy Picci, Noah Taylor, Ross Ryan, Jake Wood-Evans, Michelle Mildenhall, Jessica Albarn, Sara Pope, Shuby, Anna Kyriacou, Russell Marshall, David Walker, Miss Bugs, Andy Doig, Dan Baldwin, Magnus Gjoen, Banksy, Dave Ross, Dave White, Ryan Callanan, Peter Blake, Sarah Shaw, Copyright, Gemma Compton, Geraldine Swayne, Tom French, Carne Griffiths, Sepe, Nick Smith, Bonnie and Clyde, Maria Rivans, Gedvile Bunikyte, Thomas Brothers, Mr Brainwash, Damien Hirst, Ben Eine


For further information on this exhibition, click here



'Taraxacum II' by Gedvile Bunkikyte, 2013, Paper, ink, acrylic paint, pen, pencil, 118.4 cm × 84.1 cm / 46.6 in × 33.1 in



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