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Art in the public space

Art in the public space
Public sculpture in Tromsø (work in progress)

art:i:curate artist Stian Ådlandsvik and Lutz-Rainer Müller, an artist duo working primarily with art in relation to the public place, have just completed a commission of a public sculpture for the University in Tromsø. 


The public sculpture in Tromsø is standing outside the Faculty of Science. The work consists of 10 street lights, which are copies of streetlamps found in the 5 biggest harbour cities and the 5 biggest airport cities in the world.


The lamps are placed parallel to the other lamps in the city where they come from - in what would be 90 degrees in their origin- leaving them to stand at very odd angles in Tromsø. In addition to this, they light up when the sun is setting and turn off when the sun rises again. In a way, they are moved in Tromsø, but without actually taking into account this change of location.


It is a work that reflects on the remote site of a far northern city, where light is very important, considering the large period of time during winter when the sun never rises. It also takes into account the reality that the students plunge into after their studies - a faculty that educates pilots, ship captains and scientists doing research on earth, health, the north, and the pollution effects on the climate. This trade and travel infrastructure, in many ways, affects the work itself as well, which is thought to be a perspective on a world situation in our time. 


The public sculpture in Tromsø reminds us that the importance of public art- which has seen a significant rise lately- doesn't lie in its sole capacity to nurture the creative life of the city by bringing art into the public realm, but foremost in its role to stimulate the dialogue about issues that affect our everyday life through contemporary art. 



Stian Ådlandsvik & Lutz-Rainer Müller. Photo credit: Pål Hoff.



Public sculpture in Tromsø (work in progress).



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