06 Jul 2020

Jaanika Peerna: Glacier Elegy exhibition and performance at SalonB Montreal

Zoë Foster

Jaanika Peerna: Glacier Elegy exhibition and performance at SalonB Montreal

New York-based Estonian artist Jaanika Peerna presents her first exhibition and performance at SalonB Montreal, Canada. The show will include small and large-scale drawings, sculptural wall installation and live drawing performance.

Jaanika Peerna’s ongoing interest in the sublime forces of the natural world has pushed her work. She explores the subject through many media including drawing, video, installation, digital work and drawing. The artist’s interest in transitions of natural phenomena is the focus of her exhibition at SalonB Montreal. For example, she focus on ice turning into water. The artist also reveals to the public her new large-scale drawings part of the ‘Thaw Series‘.

Thaw Peerna
Thaw series 5, 2017. Jaanika Peerna

Humankind witnesses the loss of glaciers. What are the emotions we feel when we see the huge formations of ice collapsing and turning into water? Similarly, what does knowing about the environmental reasons and impact connected with ice loss add to our emotional response? What is in our ability to reverse the process? The overwhelming sublime makes us silent yet evokes the need to be awake as our feet get wet.

Peerna’s exhibition and performance at Salon B together create one whole as movement is embedded into each of her work and is present in real time during her performance.

Curated by Malgosia Bajkowska.

April 27 – May 6, 2017
opening April 27 5pm
Salon B Cultural Space Montreal 
4231 b, boulevard Saint-Laurent Montreal H2W 1Z4

About the artist:

Jaanika Peerna is an Estonia-born artist living and working primarily in New York since 1998. Her work encompasses drawing, video, installation and performance, often dealing with the theme of transitions in light, air, water and other natural phenomena.

The artist holds a MA in Fine Art from SUNY New Paltz (New York, 2005). In 2016, she won the FID Grand Prix. She is also the recipient of the Artist Pension Trust Award for her residency and exhibition at Scuola Di Grafica (Venice, 2015) and at Espronceda Center for Art and Culture (Barcelona, 2015). Her work is included in numerous art collections in the US and Europe including the Fonds National d’Art Contemporain (Paris), the Garrison Art Center (New York), the Novosibirsk Art Museum (Russia) and more.

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