unframe showcases Works by emerging artists and designers from all over the world online and at its shows.
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ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS // Setting up a profile
Who can submit their work to art:i:curate?

Artists and product designers from all over the world can submit their work, no matter their chosen medium.

If your gallery does not represent you exclusively, you are eligible for submitting your works to art:i:curate. However, submitting your works for crowd funding legally binds you to share the sale proceeds with your Co-Producers.

Please submit works that you’d like to feature exclusively on art:i:curate and not on any other websites.

Will art:i:curate help me promote and sell my work?

art:i:curate embraces the vision where together, through a community effort and commitment, we can build the future of art and design. Together with our vibrant network of artists and designers, co-producers and collectors, ambassadors and partners, we support and promote emerging art and design, whether online or at our exhibitions and events.

What tools does art:i:curate use to promote my work?

We like to keep our community updated about artists and designers who’ve just joined the platform, new work featured on art:i:curate, new crowd funding campaigns and more in My Updates section and on our social media. We also like to feature interviews with artists and designers in the Journal.

art:i:curate is an online and physical platform. We organise large-scale exhibitions and intimate events, as well as one-to-one studio visits with collectors, art lovers, curators, and more.

How do I submit my work to art:i:curate?

If you are an artist or designer, read more and start your submission here. You will be able to edit your profile, upload your work, submit crowd funding campaigns, keep track of their progress, and set up your payments account.

Is content on art:i:curate curated?

Yes. At art:i:curate, we dedicate time and effort to reviewing each submission we receive. Our aim is to give an in-depth overview on all contemporary practices from the art and design fields internationally.

How can I make my profile stand out?

When submitting your profile, share with us interesting facts about yourself and a detailed insight into your practice and work. This includes but is not limited to your artistic statement, awards and achievements, exhibition history, upcoming projects, and press, if available.

Keep us updated with your news, new work, and other noteworthy information that will keep your followers engaged.

We’ve put together a Guidebook, which we hope you will find useful when editing your profile.

What should the description of my work include?

We ask for a short description (max. 100 words) to accompany your work. The descriptions allow our community to get a better understanding of the context behind each work and a better insight into the practice of the artist or product designer featured.

We’ve put together a Guidebook, which we hope you will find useful when editing your profile.

What are you specification for uploading my work and profile image?

We recommend your artwork and profile image to be 72dpi, 847px wide and in the JPEG or PNG format. The maximum image size is 6 MB.

Why join art:i:curate?

art:i:curate is more than just a platform to showcase contemporary art and design. It lets you build a global, vibrant community of patrons and collectors of your work.

By letting people around the world fund works of art and design, art:i:curate launched a new and exciting way to support creative practice and a sustainable commercial tool for creatives.

art:i:curate merges a virtual and physical platform where emerging artists and designers can engage with a diverse and savvy audience. Since our launch in 2013, we have created 8 shows in London and New York showcasing over 50 artists and designers from 20 countries.

Is my submission subject to approval?

Yes. Our team carefully reviews each submission. If your application is successful, you will be featured as an artist or product designer on art:i:curate. You will be able to give our international network of art and design lovers, collectors, and co-producers an insight into your work and artistic practice.

If you are having trouble with your submission, please get in touch with us.

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