unframe showcases Works by emerging artists and designers from all over the world online and at its shows.
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Target $4,000 // I pledge $100
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A Co-Producer is the Patron of the 21st century. Support your favourite artist or designer by pledging to the Work you like an amount of your choice.
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Work sold
Work sold for $10,000 // I get $154
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The target amount is 40% of the Work's price. That's why when the Work you funded sells for its full price, you get a commission.
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Are you an artist or designer? Learn more about submitting your work to unframe.
If my funding campaign is successful, how and when will I receive the funds?

You will receive your Target Amount net of our fees on your Stripe account, which you can easily set up via the link in the Creator Profile Section. Stripe will separately apply transaction fees per each successful charge. Note that you must fully complete this registration to launch your funding campaign.

Please allow up to two weeks to receive the funds on your Stripe account.

If my funded work is sold, will I receive any proceeds on sale?

Yes. In addition to the funds collected from the Co-Producers of your funded work, you will receive 30% of the amount the work is sold for, net of our fees and any transaction fees applied by the payments processors.

If art:i:curate sells my work, when and how will I receive my payment?

If your work has been sold via art:i:curate, we aim to make the payment to you within 30 days of having received the funds.

To make your payment, we currently use PayPal or wire funds to your bank account.

What happens when a Co-Producer’s card is declined?

If a Co-Producer’s card is declined, we will get in touch with them and if required amend their card details. If we are unable to collect a Co-Producer’s payment within 7 days after the Target Amount has been reached, their pledge will be cancelled.

What happens if the Target Amount is not reached during the funding period?

Co-Producers’ cards are only charged if the Target Amount is reached. Therefore, if after 45 days the Target Amount is not achieved, there will be no charges made.

Please note that the same work will not be eligible for funding twice. Hence, we encourage you to spread the word and invite your friends, family, and extended network to support you.

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