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ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS // Funding my work
How does funding on art:i:curate work?

Funding on art:i:curate works similarly to any other crowd-funding concept: you pick a ready-made work, set a Target Amount and open the funding to your friends, family, and the art:i:curate audience, who, by pledging to your campaign, become the Co-Producers. Co-Producers share profits on sale with you when the work they pledged to is sold.

If your Target Amount is successfully reached, the funds, net of our fees and transaction fees applied by the payments processor, will be transferred to your Stripe account, which you can easily set up in your Creator Profile Settings. You can use these funds to continue your artistic practice and create new work.

Does my work need to be finished before the funding campaign is launched?

If you are an artist working with media such as collage, drawing, mixed media, painting, sculpture, and video, your work needs to be produced before you submit it to art:i:curate.

If you are raising funds for a finished but not yet printed photographic work, then you should arrange for printing once your target has been reached. You need to specify the dimensions, type of photography, edition size and any other artwork details ahead of the campaign launch.

If you are a product designer, you need to showcase a ready-made product or a prototype of your work before the campaign can be launched. Please note that we do not accept design mock-ups created using software.

What happens when a funded work is sold?

Once the Target Amount is successfully reached, the Creator receives the funds, i.e. 40% of the value of the work. 70% of the ownership is passed to the Co-Producers, split pro-rata as against the proportion that each Co-Producer pledged. The Creator owns the remaining 30%.

When the work is sold, sale proceeds, net of art:i:curate and payment processing fees, are distributed to the Creator and Co-Producers accordingly.

Who are the Co-Producers?

A Co-Producer is anyone who decides to pledge to your finished work of art or design product, and therefore invest in your artistic practice. These include your friends & family, your professional network, as well as the art:i:curate community that consists of art and design appreciators, collectors, and anyone and everyone who would like to get involved.

Why would people want to fund my work? What do they get in return?

People who decide to fund your work may have different reasons for choosing to support you.

a) They appreciate and personally like your work

b) They believe in you as an artist or designer and want to support your career

c) They want to take an active part in the crowd-curating movement

Why should I choose art:i:curate to fund my work?

At art:i:curate, we believe in creating value through a collective effort. Our platform directly connects and constantly engages Creators with their audience and gives them an opportunity to fund, sell, and showcase their work in physical exhibitions internationally. Through our passion, we have built a fantastic global network of followers.

What is a Target Amount and how should I set it right?

The Target Amount represents 40% of the value of your work. It is the initial amount that you get paid for your work through pledges received from your Co-Producers.

Here are a few tips for setting your target right:

1. Start on the lower end and build value. If your campaign is successful, you will receive your funds right after the funding campaign ends. These funds can help you to start working on your next work and build value for your practice.

2. Make your work accessible and build your audience. The retail price of your funded work is linked to your Target Amount. As a reward for their support of your work, Co-Producers earn a share of the sale proceeds. If your work is reasonably priced, the Co-Producers can become your ambassadors, introduce your work to their friends, and support you in the future.

3. You get a percentage of sales too. Bear in mind that you will receive an additional 30% of the retail sale price when your funded work is sold.

Will I receive any sale proceeds of my funded work?

Yes. In addition to the funds you raise from the Co-Producers, you will receive 30% of the retail sale price, net of art:i:curate and any transaction fees applied by the payments processors, when your funded work is sold.

How will my work be priced once its Target Amount has been reached?

The Target Amount of your work represents 40% of its value at the time of funding. In other words, the retail price of your work is based on the Target Amount you set and is a 2.5x multiple of the Target Amount. Please note that art:i:curate may change the retail price from time to time, e.g. if it is sold at an art:i:curate auction.

What responsibilities come with opting for crowd funding? Am I legally bound?

Yes. By creating an account with art:i:curate you agree to our User Terms. Please review them carefully before moving ahead with your submission.

Will art:i:curate review my funding campaign before its launch?

Yes. All submitted campaigns are carefully reviewed by our team in order to ensure consistency, adequacy, and quality.

What happens if my funding campaign is rejected?

If your campaign is rejected, one of our team members will contact you to provide feedback. If you don’t hear from us immediately, please bear with us – we receive a high volume of submissions.

When will art:i:curate get back to me after I’ve made a submission for funding?

We aim to process your funding campaign within 2 weeks of your submission date.

Can I fund more than one work at once?

Yes. You can fund more works at once, but we suggest you to run up to 2 funding campaigns simultaneously and launch new campaigns upon successful funding of your previous works.

Which works qualify for funding?

Generally, the more accurate, detailed, and realistic submissions are sent to us, the more likely they are to be accepted. All types of works can potentially qualify for funding as long as they meet the following criteria:

1. Works are commercially viable and have realistic targets.

2. Works have not been commissioned by third parties and do not fall under any exclusivity agreements.

3. Works can be made available for showcase in exhibitions or sale within a reasonable timeframe.

Can I pledge to my own campaign?

No. Pledging to your own funding campaign is not allowed.

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