unframe showcases Works by emerging artists and designers from all over the world online and at its shows.
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ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS // Exhibiting my work
Which works do you consider for the exhibitions?

Works are selected depending on the curatorial direction for our exhibitions. We normally consider a mix of works, including works that have been funded or are being funded at the time of the exhibition, as well as non-commercially viable works, e.g. a site-specific non-commercial installation. We may approach you for specific projects, too.

In what cities do you create exhibitions?

We are currently hosting exhibitions in London and New York and, as we grow, are planning shows in other cities around the world.

In what locations do you create exhibitions?

Our exhibition locations always vary from white cube spaces to unexpected, non-traditional contexts such as industrial and retail settings.

If my work reaches its Target Amount, when will it be exhibited?

If your funding is successful and your work has not been exhibited yet, we will contact you in due course to coordinate the inclusion of your work in one of our upcoming shows. Please allow at least 10 months until your work can be exhibited.

What costs will art:i:curate cover?

Don’t worry. We will not charge you an exhibition or participation fee.

To exhibit your work at one of our shows, we will take care of the installation and costs related to organising the private view and any collateral events.

Depending on the location of the exhibition, we will arrange for shipping and insurance in-transit. In some instances, we may ask you to handle logistics yourself. We will cover or reimburse you reasonable transportation expenses agreed in advance. Please note that we will not be able to reimburse you any additional costs incurred as a result of events such as missed collection slots or use of special delivery services.

We do not reimburse for any handling services or packing materials. You can keep your packaging materials at the exhibition premises. However, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage to them.

At the de-installation, we will provide standard packing materials, but advise the Creators to pack their work themselves. Nevertheless, we understand if some Creators are unable to come to the de-installation.

Who is responsible for handling and shipping the work to and from the exhibition venue?

Depending on the location of the exhibition, our team will handle the transportation. In some circumstances, we may ask you to arrange for the necessary logistics.

We advise you to pack your work securely, with packaging protecting it from damage during transit. If the work is not securely packed and is damaged during transit, we will not take any responsibility to cover the cost. In such circumstances, you agree to cover any return shipping costs as well as 70% of the value of the funded work.

If you are shipping the work to us with your own courier or via your local post office, we recommend insuring and sending it recorded.

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