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A Co-Producer is the Patron of the 21st century. Support your favourite artist or designer by pledging to the Work you like an amount of your choice.
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The target amount is 40% of the Work's price. That's why when the Work you funded sells for its full price, you get a commission.
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CO-PRODUCER QUESTIONS // Funding a work of art or design
What does it mean to pledge?

To pledge means to commit a sum towards the Target Amount of a finished work.

If the Target Amount is successfully reached, the Co-Producers are supporting the Creator's artistic practice. In turn, when the respective work is sold, the Creator and the Co-Producers share the sale proceeds.

Additionally, the Co-Producers are co-curating our upcoming shows – we showcase funded works at events and exhibitions around the world.

How do I make a pledge?

To make a pledge, first log in to your art:i:curate account. Then, select the amount you’d like to commit and click on the Pledge button. A payment page will load, where you will be able to enter your card details and payback preference. Once you have completed your pledge, you will receive a confirmation email.

What is my share of the sale proceeds?

On the campaign page you will be able to see both, the retail price and the Target Amount raised by the Creator equal to 40% of the retail price.

If a funding campaign is successful, ownership of the work shall be split so that the Creator owns 30% of the work and the Co-Producers collectively own 70%. Accordingly, at the sale of the work, the Co-Producers will receive 70% of the retail sale price (split pro-rata as against the proportion that each Co-Producer pledged).

art:i:curate will apply a 10% (plus VAT) fee to the retail sale price and payments processors may also charge transaction fees, usually between 2-5%.

Please note that art:i:curate reserves the right to change the retail price if required.

Is there a minimum and maximum pledge amount?

The minimum pledge amount is $10 and the maximum amount is 100% of the target set. Since we do not allow for overfunding, last pledge may be set below $10 in order to reach the exact sum, as specified in the campaign.

How will I know if the work I pledged to reached its target?

You will receive an email about the outcome of the campaign at the end of its funding period or as soon as it hits its target.

Is my pledge private?

The amount you pledge is never publicly displayed. It is only visible to the Creators of the respective work. Your profile image may appear on the campaign page and link to your profile page, where others can see a list of works you pledged to.

Can I pledge anonymously?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a feature to set your profile private, but you can pledge under any account name you like that is not recognisable.

If I pledge, what kind of information does the Creator receive about me?

The Creator will see your art:i:curate account name and your pledge amount.

Can I message artists and designers on art:i:curate?

We don’t currently have an option to contact artists and designers on art:i:curate. However, many of the art:i:curate Creators attend our regular events, where you can get a chance to meet them in person.

Where can I see all my pledges?

You can view all your pledges on your profile page under Co-produced works.

How can I discover art and design to fund?

You can find art and design on art:i:curate in various ways:

Browse through Art and Design sections and refine your search by medium, category, location or retail price. Works of art and design products can also be sorted in order of launch or end date.

In your Updates, we will regularly post our art and design selection and let you know about new artists and designers on the platform.

Invite friends to join art:i:curate and follow them and others on the platform to see what works they fund. You can also search for people in the art:i:curate network using the Search function. Don't be shy to follow people. We are all here for the same reason.

Follow artists and designers to get notifications about their new campaigns.

And finally, we regularly send out newsletters with suggested artworks and design products to fund. You can manage your newsletter preferences in your Account Settings.

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