unframe showcases Works by emerging artists and designers from all over the world online and at its shows.
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A Co-Producer is the Patron of the 21st century. Support your favourite artist or designer by pledging to the Work you like an amount of your choice.
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Work sold for $10,000 // I get $154
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The target amount is 40% of the Work's price. That's why when the Work you funded sells for its full price, you get a commission.
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Events // Membership
Can I upgrade my membership type?

Yes. We would be happy to upgrade your membership. Get in touch.

What types of memberships do you offer?

We currently offer:

- Monthly single recurring subscription that you can cancel at anytime

- Annual single subscription where you get 2 months of free access

- Annual plus one subscription which lets you to bring a friend to all C:LAB events

- Annual group subscription which lets you to join C:LAB events with up to 3 friends

Can I join the C:LAB events with friends?

Yes. If you are subscribed to our plus one or group membership, you can join the C:LAB events with friends.

Can I give the C:LAB membership as a gift?

Yes. You can purchase our London C:LAB membership as a gift here. Select your preferred membership type and make a payment, after which you will receive a confirmation email.

Your gift recipient will receive an email requesting them to confirm their membership. Once membership has been confirmed, your gift recipient will enjoy access to our upcoming events in London.

You can add a personal note and preview the recipient’s email when purchasing a gift membership.

Please note that in order to purchase a C:LAB membership, you need to be a registered art:i:curate user. If you haven’t registered yet, you can sign up here.

How can I join the art:i:curate events?

Our events are invitation-only, where collectors and Co-Producers can meet artists and designers whose work they support and fund. You can become a Co-Producer by pledging to a work you like here. We regularly organise events in London and New York and will make sure to invite you to one of them where you'll get a chance to meet artists and other likeminded people.

Do I need to book tickets for the C:LAB events?

Yes. If you wish to attend a C:LAB event you need to book in advance. You can RSVP for the event of your choice on its respective page in the C:LAB section.

Can I cancel my membership?

If you’ve signed up for our monthly recurring subscription, you can cancel at anytime. To request cancelation of your membership, please get in touch here.

Please note that our yearly memberships are not refundable.

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