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A Co-Producer is the Patron of the 21st century. Support your favourite artist or designer by pledging to the Work you like an amount of your choice.
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Work sold for $10,000 // I get $154
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The target amount is 40% of the Work's price. That's why when the Work you funded sells for its full price, you get a commission.
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ART:I:CURATE // Definitions
Who is a Co-Producer?

art:i:curate builds a vibrant community and helps creative talents widen their audience; Co-Producers not only support them financially but also become their advocates. Our aim is to empower people around the world to define the future of art and design.

A Co-Producer is anyone who decides to pledge to a Creator’s finished work and, therefore, support their creative practice. It can be anyone including the Creator’s family, friends, extended network, as well as the entire art:i:curate community that comprises art and design appreciators, collectors, and other supporters.

What does it mean to pledge?

To pledge means to commit a sum towards the Target Amount of a finished work.

If the Target Amount is successfully reached, the Co-Producers are supporting the Creator's artistic practice. In turn, when the respective work is sold, the Creator and the Co-Producers share the sale proceeds.

Additionally, the Co-Producers are co-curating our upcoming shows – we showcase funded works at events and exhibitions around the world.

What is a Target Amount?

Set by the Creator, the Target Amount represents 40% of the work's total price. While the Co-Producers pledge to an already finished work, the Creator uses the funds to produce new work and continue their creative practice.

If the campaign reaches its goal within the funding period, the Creator of the featured work receives the Target Amount. The Co-Producers, in turn, collectively become co-owners of the 70% of the respective work and get their share of the net sale proceeds, once the work is sold.

What does crowd-curating mean?

Crowd-curating is all about grasping a collecting effort: by browsing through art:i:curate, selecting works and supporting artists and designers you not only make a statement, but also share with us what it is that inspires you. We create shows and events with the art and design you like.

You become the curator and patron of the 21st century.

What does the Like button do?

Click on the Like button if you’d like to save your favourite works on your profile page, whether it is to create a virtual collection or save works for funding at a later stage.

What does the Follow button do?

Follow artists and designers to keep up to date with their activity. We will let you know each time an artist or designer showcases new work on art:i:curate, launches new campaigns or is invited to participate in an art:i:curate show.

Artists and designers you are following will be listed on your profile page. If you no longer wish to receive their updates you can click on the same button to unfollow.

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