Welcome to Artist and Designer Guidebook. We hope it will come handy when you create your profile, submit your works or set your
co-production campaigns. We've also added some tips and tricks to make your submission easy and smooth. Let's get started!
We have built unframe to offer you an opportunity to showcase your work to a vibrant community around the world that can support you in two ways: as Co-producers or/and Collectors.
Now, you can fund your work and share profits from sales with people that are engaged and interested in your work; people that become your ambassadors.
We realised that there are several barriers for you creators, a major one being the diffuculty to sustain your creative practice. You work hard and intensely, yet often your hard work is remunerated much later in your career.
Co-production can help you make a living out of your creative practice and build value. At unframe, you can regularly fund your work and build a community that can support you further.
What's more, we will make sure to include your co-produced works in some of our offline events. We are here to help and support you. So get in touch, if you've got any questions.
Artwork page
What's the thought process behind your work?
To begin with, make a strong and diverse selection of works that will make your profile stand out
  • We recommend to submit a minimum of 4 works and a maximum of 8 to introduce your practice
  • Contextualise your work. The more background you can give to your work, the more accessible you will make it to your audience. Include up to 150 words about your work to provide a good insight
  • Upload different pictures of your work (maximum 4) in different contexts. For example, if you are submitting a painting, you may wish to upload a picture of your artwork on the wall and the framing detail along with the image of the actual painting
  • We recommend your artwork and profile image to be 72dpi, 847px wide and in the JPEG or PNG format. The maximum image size is 6 MB
  • Don't forget to clarify the medium you worked with or the materials you used to create your work
  • If your work is for sale, be sure to specify the shipping details. If you need help with shipping couriers and quotes, get in touch with us via [email protected]
We have built a tool that can enable you to build a diverse audience, support your future career, and get paid for your work in a quicker and more simple way than the traditional path offers.
Check what you can earn
Enter your target amount
Once your Target Amount has been reached, you get
Retail price
You earn an additional 30% of the net retail sale price and co-producers collectively earn 70%.
You earn post sale
Your total earnings net of unframe fees
$880 + $660 = $1,540
unframe applies a 10% (plus VAT) fee to the Target Amount raised and retail sale price.
Note: payments processors will apply transaction fees, usually between 3-5%. Learn more
It's simple - you can now raise funds for your finished work and share sales profits when it's sold with an international community of your ambassadors; we call them the Co-Producers. Here are some tips on how to make your campaign successful:
  • If you've already got an unframe profile, submit one or two finished works to start with. This will help you manage your campaign easier and build your initial audience
  • Your Target Amount should only partially cover the value of your work, bearing in mind that the retail price is set as 2.5x your Target Amount. You will get an extra 30% of the retail sale price when your work is sold
  • If you set your goal too high, you may find it challenging to gain credibility among your audience, successfully close the campaign and, most importantly, build value
  • Think of your Co-Producers as Patrons of your work, who are here mainly to support and help you grow. If you reach your goal, they can help spread the word and sell your work
  • Make sure you take into account our fees and the transaction fees applied by the payment processors; we apply 10% (plus VAT) to the Target Amount, if it is successfully reached, and 10% (plus VAT) to the retail sale price, when your co-produced work is sold
  • And finally, it's all about sharing: invite your friends, family, and extended network so support you. On our end, we will spread the word about you to the unframe network
Your profile
Your unframe page is like your own website within the platform. It is your online business card, so to say. That's why having a well curated presence is essential.
Alicja Dobrucka, Artist.
Our submission process is straight forward. It will request necessary information step by step. Here are some general tips of what to consider when creating your profile with us:
  • An artist or designer statement always gives the audience a better idea of what you want to convey
  • The Quick Facts section should give a good overview of key facts about you and your work: whether it is exhibition history, press, awards or education
  • A profile picture gives your work and practice a 'face'. People are always curious to see who is behind a work they like
  • Do you have an interview or video about yourself you'd like to share? Upload it to your profile and a Play button will appear below your profile picture
Strong profiles can go viral and attract support from all over the world, but for the most works, the support you will receive is mainly from people you know. Get them excited about your work!
Besides organising events and exhibitions, unframe regularly updates its community via newsletters, feeds in the Updates section, articles in the Journal, posts on its social media - but it's up to you to make your profile and campaign stand out; here are a few ideas:
  • Spread the word. If you are about to launch a co-production campaign on unframe, let your friends and family know just before going live. This way they can be the first to back you, as well as further share your campaign
  • A personal approach is always the best. Don't overwhelm people with group or chain emails and messages
  • Share your work on social media. Let your friends and followers know about your unframe profile and campaign via networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+
  • Reach out to specific networks. If your creation deals with a particular theme or material, make sure you reach out to relevant peers. For instance, if your work is a photographic series documenting a social aspect of a specific country it can't harm to draw a connection and get in touch with relevant organisations or individuals interested in the topic
  • Invite people over. Organising a small party or a collective studio visit is a great way to bring people together and show them your work in person
  • Keep everyone in the loop. Update your friends, family, and network with your new works on unframe or the progress of your campaign. Remind them about our all-or-nothing funding policy. Once your goal is reached, of course, everyone will be excited and happy to hear the news directly from you
  • Update unframe. Working on an interesting project? Have a new work to upload? We are happy to feed our network with exciting news from the artists and designers we work with
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