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A world where a new generation of patrons and collectors shapes the future of art.

Launched in 2020 in London, UNFRAME promotes emerging contemporary art practices online and through pop-up exhibitions and events. In the global and nomadic art world, we offer a new model to collect contemporary art and to connect artists, collectors and curators. UNFRAME is a space for the conversations around the artworks to continue and expand.

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Collect contemporary art

At UNFRAME, we believe that true value is created by a collective effort. UNFRAME is neither a virtual gallery nor a traditional one. It is a place where we push boundaries and encourage dialogues.

UNFRAME presents new ways to discover and collect art. We encourage an accessible and in-depth engagement with art and artists; a deeper understanding of contemporary art.

Connect with the artists


Through our events, artists get the opportunity to expound upon key concepts of their practice. Collectors and art lovers are given the chance to have a more profound and thorough interaction with the work.

Whether you are a novice or established collector, our approach is personal. Discover art online or join us at studio visits, talks with artists or in other conversations.

UNFRAME allows anyone to support artists in their work and practice through a community drive.

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Supporting artists

UNFRAME was born from a passion for art. We have a desire to champion both artists and their audience. Our aim is to connect the two in a new way.
We give our artists support and advice for their career and work, presenting a fresh, 21st century model of the gallery and artist relationship.