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East London Studio visit


East London Studio visit

art:i:curate invites you to have a glass of wine and engage in conversation with mixed-media artist Tim A Shaw in his East London studio. 


We will meet at Dalston Junction overground at 6:45pm and walk together to his studio location. 


Artist Tim A Shaw will open his lofty Dalston studio for a small group of people interested in finding out about Tim's various artistic practices that involve taxidermy and electrical techniques, mixing mediums for collages, and producing sculptures of various "scales". 


We will have wine, view finished and in-process works, and share in conversation with Tim and others in this casual (may we say it?) cool studio visit. 



Tim A Shaw combines images and symbols from different periods in macho culture to create excessive and ambiguous identities. His mixed media postcard assemblages explore the various physical as well as social and cultural ways that we can alter ourselves. In his collages, gender, place and ethnicity become fluid categories that keep reminding us the demands of the contemporary society towards the superficial and the gratified from which we can hardly escape.


In Shaw's sculptures, taxidermied salmon, mackerel and snapper are each wired up and connected to filament light bulbs. They provoke a reaction which continually oscillates between revulsion, at the lifeless corpse that is wired and electrified, and reverence, of the employment of the painterly language of the still life and chiaroscuro. Further to this, Shaw's fish lights draw attention to the mechanical processes in any living body, acting as a literal depiction of the body as an automata.


Tim A Shaw (b. 1982) lives and works in London. He received his BA (Hons.) in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art, London (2005). Selected recent exhibitions include C&C Gallery, London (2013); SHOWstudio, London (2012); Menier Gallery, London (2012); Lightsource Event Commission, Wapping Project (2011). 




Hybrid/Monster 3, 2013


Man On a Boat, 2011


Images Courtesy of the Artist

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