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In conversation with Samin Ahmadzadeh and Berta De la Rosa

Studio Visit

In conversation with Samin Ahmadzadeh and Berta De la Rosa
Samin Ahmadzadeh's studio.

We are taking you to the studios of Samin Ahmadzadeh and Berta De la Rosa for a relaxed conversation over a glass of wine and olives from Berta's region in Spain.


Recently, Berta's work has developed into a series of projects which are intrinsically linked to the region of Alpízar — an ancient fortress located in the south of Spain. 


Berta transcribes the abnormality of the ordinary within wider social and historical uncertainties. With the full application of her central medium, Berta uses photography’s illustrative qualities to convert her perspective into familiar images for her audience. As a result, her latest project Getsemaní narrates the story of the olive trees her father planted when she was born, currently being at risk to be uprooted as they are no longer profitable. Berta’s personal story emphasises her origins and her concerns for a disappearing landscape, while offering an insight into the crisis of the agricultural sector in Spain. 



Berta De la Rosa in her studio. 



Samin will show us her photo weaving technique and collected archive of photographs related to her family’s history.


With the shredding of the images Samin is re-creating the fragmentation of a memory and then re-combining the fragments as a weaving. The final abstracted images can be interpreted as a recall of the unconscious being formed as a result of the different life experiences shown in the used images.


Both artists have successfully funded their campaigns on art:i:curate



Samin Ahmadzadeh's studio. 



Berta De la Rosa is a Spanish-born interdisciplinary artist based in London. After completing a BA (hons) degree in Fine Arts, she has collaborated on numerous projects in New York, Milan and London. She later on achieved a MA in Photography at Central Saint Martins School of Arts, London. In 2014, she was the recipient of the Renaissance Photography prize (Expression category). 


Her playful approach to photography integrates a wide variety of techniques and materials which articulate the stories in a genuine way. She has been recently working on her first self-produced book that will be published in a limited edition. 


Samin Ahmadzadeh is an Iran-born artist currently living and working in London. She studied BA Photography in Tehran and then graduated in MA Photography from Central Saint Martins in 2013.


Her background in street photography is combined with the passion for expressing her personal views on sociological and cultural matters of her country. Her practice continues to evolve with a specific focus on archival collections of her family’s cultural history. With photography as the starting point for her work, Samin is currently developing her practice with collage, installation and printmaking.


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