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In Rome with Natalia Triviño

Studio visit & dinner

In Rome with Natalia Triviño
Natalia Triviño's studio.

We are heading to Rome for a special visit of Natalia Triviño's studio. Join us at Natalia's space, a hidden gem in Trastevere, followed by dinner at one of her favourite restaurants in Rome. 


Natalia will tell us more about her current work where she is incorporating the String Theory's uncertainty with dogmatic ideas of her previous work of the Ex cathedra series. The direct translation of the Latin phrase is ‘from the chair’ — the object epitomising an infallible, irrefutable position of authority. Reflecting on how observed physical forces affect our existence, the strings represent the invisible social structures that have been created through the history of mankind as imaginary lines to which we all want to belong and hang on to, evidencing our fear for solitude. Through this, the force of gravity threatens to disrupt the world that Natalia has created in her paintings, but strings seem to hold together spaces preventing them from collapse.


Note: dinner is not included in the price. 



Natalia Triviño's studio.


Natalia will surprise us with a new art:i:curate funding campaign during the night of the event, so be the first one to find out about it. Her current campaign is part of the String Theory series, where the chair is held with physical strings, representing the invisible and incomprehensible forces present in our known universe.


Without Title, Natalia Triviño. Now running a funding campaign // Target Amount $1,800.

Target Amount $1,800 // Fund Now


Natalia's paintings reflect her concerns regarding the multidimensionality of space and how that can be transcribed onto the flat surface of a canvas. Based on empirical observation, her paintings focus on creating, capturing and reflecting not only her reality, but infinite realities.


Natalia Triviño is a visual artist based in Rome. Learn more and discover her work

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