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Restate artist chat

Artist Talk with Teresa Braula Reis

Restate artist chat
A house to live in #2

On the occasion of this exhibition Teresa Braula Reis will give an artist talk in a friendly circle about the main subjects that drive her artistic practice.



Teresa creates ephemeral "sculptural constructions" made of industrial materials that reveal an inherent fragility in their structure. Her constructions delineate spaces, fragments of houses and dwelling places and suggest elements with which we are familiar, such as walls, windows, passages, chairs, and doors. The transitoriness of spaces from inhabited to unhabited and the other way around is an important aspect in her body of work.


In her talk, Teresa will share her thoughts and reflections on the delicate relationship between space and time. Issues of permanence, durability, and vitality, that are recurrent themes within her artistic practice, will be further discussed and questioned to reveal an approach towards the inevitable passage of time and the way we position ourselves in spatial terms to certify our existence.



Teresa Braula Reis (b.1990, Lisbon) is a visual artist based in London. She is currently pursuing her MFA at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London. Recent shows include “Live in Your Dreams”, The Crypt of St. Pancras Church (London, 2014); "The Poetics of Space", Enclave (London, 2013); “First Come First Served”, Lion & Lamb Gallery (London, 2013). She also commissioned a sculpture for “The Inevitable Revolution: Anthony Caro’s teaching at St. Martin’s in the 1960s” at The Victorian Vitrine, Central Saint Martins, Kings Cross (2014). Teresa Braula Reis was the recipient of the 2013 Rector’s Scholarship, MA Fine Art, CSM, London. 



Going Home, 2011


A House Within Its Shadow, 2013



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