Yuxin Su

Seats for Guests, 2014

Acrylic and pastel on linen

130 x 79 cm

In her paintings, Taiwanese artist Yuxin Su focuses on the understanding of time within the static media. She puts particular emphasis on the way images hold time.
Above all, the artist sees painting as an act of remembrance; a fragment of another longer time-based or bigger narrative. The works study how different rhythms and the fluidity of human experience can operate and be stored inside a still imagery. She sees the landscape, such as  in ‘Seats for Guests’, as an in-between place, allowing the artist to switch between figuration and abstraction, investigating the concept of new landscape – a mixture of still-life and fragments of memory.
Yuxin Su’s body of work develops across different media from paintings, collages, photography and experimental hand-made artist books.



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