Tim Lee

Orphans, 2015

Ink on rice paper laid on board

25 × 30 cm


In his paintings, such as this Flower painting, Tim Lee creates still lives and portraits from his own imagination.

Tim Lee’s works can at first glance be described as still life and portraiture. A Flower painting or a head shot. However these terms fail to accurately describe the nature of his paintings.

“The still lives and portraits are constructs of the imagination and memory. I am more interested with the sensations of the subjects as opposed to the representation. My paintings carry contrary themes such as life, death, beauty and decay. And the co-existence of such topics on the pictorial plane.

These polarities and dichotomies amount to a kind of visual white noise. No single element is overt. The paintings are ultimately a meditation on nihilism and futility. Therefore the fragility of the medium is also intrinsic to my practice.”

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