Steph Choy

Selection, 2014

Digital c-print on di-bond

80 x 120 x 10 cm

Selection‘ portrays Steph Choy’s experimentation with Found Object Photography. Through investigating bodily gestures in her casting work, the artist aims to explore the ‘photographic gaze’.

In her artistic practice she investigates the juxtaposition with found objects and sculptural work. These multiple processes of working show her technical abilities in sculpture and image making as well as questioning the limits of viewing these methods within art.

Evidently, through experimenting with found object photography, a narrative is created. The sensuality and sexuality of the human form are common themes in her practice. In this case, the objects become metaphorical and open to multiple interpretations.

Choy’s cast photography becomes contemporary still life portraiture. Through use of light and composition, Choy intentionally harks back to the work of the Dutch Still Life painters.

Each object functions as a symbol with different interpretations. In contrast, her previous works look at the body in relation to nature and the domestic setting.


$ 2,400.00

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