I Thought I would Sit Here and Look Out Over The Fjord for the Last Time, 2018

Chromogenic print, mounted and oak-framed, w/ 3mm UV / anti-reflective glazing

150 x 120 cm (print size)

Edition of 5 + 2 APs, number 1/5

In this political work from the C-R92/BY series, addressing ‘Skype Families’, Fordham uses the surface of the photograph to highlight the illusion of the image. However, the traditional family portrait, with echoes of historical works and the Madonna and Child, is similarly questioned and undermined by the surface pattern. For instance, the pattern of the dots across the face of the image is a structural device which repress this.
‘We are not a family. Our only child does not have his father and his father never got to see his son being born.’