Samuel Fordham

He gets Knots in His Tummy and Worries, Yeah. We Had Him At the Doctor a Few Times, 2018

Chromogenic print, mounted and oak-framed, w/ 3mm UV / anti-reflective glazing

150 x 120 cm (print size)

Edition of 5 + 2 APs, number 1/5


The titles and captions of the works in Samuel Fordham‘s C-R92/BY series, the portraits of the reality for the Skype family, are crucially important for the artist. The dialogue between the real and imagined is something he continuously plays with in his work. Similarly, both the titles and captions of his images take on voices of real, lived experience, and the images play off them in fiction. Above all, in this work, the pattern of the surface suggests the conflict and dislocation, while the two forms relating to immigration on the right both highlight underlying the cause of the issues.

‘My son went from a bubbly little boy to very reserved in the first few months of the separation, he was angry at us both but couldn’t understand why Dad won’t want to live with him. He would go from angry kicking out to long periods of cry and thought Dad didn’t love him. They are still working at rebuilding their relationship and trust.’