Samuel Fordham

What if my country then decides she can’t come in, do we meet in the ocean?, 2018

Chromogenic print, mounted and oak-framed, w/ 3mm UV / anti-reflective glazing

150 x 120 cm (print size)

Edition of 5 + 2 APs, number 1/5

This work is part of the artist‘s photographic series C-R92/BY. A black and white photograph that continues his highlighting the plight of ‘Skype Families’, who have been separated by immigration rules.
“While she was sleeping an aeroplane came over our house and my daughter heard, she woke up and ran out from sleeping, ran out and called, ‘We are here, we are here, we want to go to our dad.’ When I called, she cried and she said, ‘the aeroplane that you sent just came here and they did not know us, they went, please tell them that we are here waiting for you.”