Memento, 2015

Collage - Woven laser print photo

39 x 56 cm

‘Memento’ is a part of a political collage series by Samin Ahmadzadeh. The artist bases the project

on the life of her Iranian father, educated in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, she transforms archival collections exploring the duplicity of her family’s cultural history. Crucially, Samin Ahmadzadeh ‘s photographs  represent two different cultural backgrounds experienced by her father. In effect, the ideas and beliefs of his childhood shapes his identity. Above all, the artist brings these visually together in this project.

Ahmadzadeh’s ‘photo weavings’ are one part of the ‘Memento‘ series. The action of merging these photographs represent the contrasting upbringings and their effect. Firstly, the process begins with the shedding of the photographs. They are then woven together. This re-creates the fragmented memory. The artist then weaves together the two overlapped photographs to create the combined political collage. In this instant, we can interpret the abstracted images as a recall of his unconscious.