Jaanika Peerna

March Solace #5, 2020

Mylar, Pigment print, graphite, metallic pencils and colour pencils

134.6 x 89.5 cm


Estonian artist Jaanika Peerna’sMarch Solace series‘ portrays a very personal response to the current pandemic times. This new body of photographic drawing, made in the quiet of her Hudson Valley studio, takes as its source images of sculptural installations that she has made for exhibitions over the last few years, such as ‘Glacier Elegy‘. Photographs of the installations are blown up to large scale, printed using inkjet Mylar printing. Peerna then spends time with each image before she finally draws on them. Although the gesture of the drawing is quick, the thought beforehand is extensive and meditative. She describes how ‘there is no space between pencil and paper’ for the final drawing, with the artist allowing her body to become a channel for the work.

Estonian artist Jaanika Peerna has lived and worked in New York since 1998. Her practice spans drawing, performance, sculpture and installation. This new series of work connects all these areas of her practice, with drawing, movement and sculpture becoming fused.

The new photographic drawing onto images of her sculptural works are complex pieces. They address the issues of climate change. This has been so central to her practice over the last few years. The works mirror the layers of the ice in glaciers, referencing their slow disappearance. They embody layering of time and personal history. There is a sense of ambiguity to the layering. The viewer is left with an ambiguity of what is photo, what is drawing, what is shadow. The new drawings from the ‘March Solace’ series connect intricately to her performative work. Yet these are private pieces, that become like a private grieving on the climate emergency.


$ 5,000