Peter Spanjer

Eros 19, 2020


100 x 70 cm

Edition of 3

Artist Peter Spanjer focuses on a subtle reworking of sexualised imagery in his ‘Eros’ series, comprised of erotic print works. For his erotic print series, Spanjer uses gay & black adult movies as his source. Visually, he depicts a sense of underlying eroticism which, he predominantly uses through much of his artistic practice. Spanjer then transforms these sexualised images into vibrant, complex strokes of colour for the final outcome. In doing this, he simultaneously removes the imagery from it’s context by layering multiple levels of abstraction. Important to note, once he has taken stills, he destroys the original film, eventually only the prints exist.

The themes explored in his ‘Eros’ series are very much in line with his general practice. In particular, he addresses ideas of resistance and the emotional stereotypes put on black men. However, he allows room for self exploration which he extends to an audience as a piece visual art. In addition to this, in these works Spanjer breaks any barriers before any knowledge is discovered of each piece. He conceals the conceptual history of each ‘Eros’ work in his abstraction of them. Subsequently, the viewer is then left to decipher for themselves the origin of the visual narrative.

In his practice, his work mostly contains layers of sensuality and sexuality, as well as softness and fragility. He traces this back to his personal battles of breaking away from strict gender roles within a black household. In many ways, he aims to confront his own sensitivities, through research and self evaluation. Ultimately, he tries to dismantle rooted narratives. Whilst doing so, he challenges internalised belief systems, as he tries to pull apart ‘ideas of blackness’ within the current art world.



£750 (unframed)