Jaanika Peerna

March Solace #12, 2020

Mylar, Pigment print, graphite, metallic pencils and colour pencils

134.6 x 89.5 cm


Estonian artist Jaanika Peerna works to encapsulate the spirit of performative drawings in her new body of work March Solace‘ Series. Generally, Jaanika Peerna works across mediums, with her work encompassing drawing, video, installation and performance.

There are layers and layers of the artist’s past actions embedded into the works. Using images of her wall installations as the source, the marks she then makes on the surface in the quiet of her studio echo the actions of her performances. For Jaanika, this quiet moment of lockdown allowed the space for her to make these works.

Jaanika makes these works with mylar, a material that reminds her of ice. It has a translucent quality that she embraces in these works. Ice is a central material in her practice. Through the work, she references environmental concerns. These include the melting glaciers and loss of ice memory.

All in all, Peerna references the human scale within these performative drawings. Ultimately, Peerna transforms her body into a conduit within these quiet and lyrical works. Whilst she creates each piece with a strong sense of her own presence, these are more personal than her public performances. Subsequently they stand as documents of this very private action within the studio.

Peerna portrays an inherent ambiguity in these works, simultaneously between what is drawn, printed or sculpted. She places importance on this ambiguity, additionally, as the cuts, layers and moments form connections across time., connecting the strands of her practice.