Nikolas Ventourakis

The Green Room II, 2016

C-type print

100 x 80 cm

Edition of 5 + 2 APs, number 1 of 5


Nikolas Ventourakis’ practice explores the area around misconceptions and assumptions. ‘The Green Room II’, is from an ongoing photography series entitled ‘Motel’ (2015 onwards). It presents a complex image of a seemingly straightforward interior. The work sits in the threshold between art and document, in the attempt to interrogate the status of the photographic image.

The work stands as a projection of a mix of memory – stemming from both private and media experiences – with abstract thinking. Ventourakis’ fascination lies in our need for stories to be conclusive. However, this need which cannot but clash with the impossibility for apparent pictures to provide any evidence nor “objective truth”. This is why his work allows for bias and misinterpretation. Whatever the context – a gallery, a page or the screen of a computer – his photographic images seems to have no unanimous foundation. Therefore every viewer is left alone to fill in the missing blanks.