Nikolas Ventourakis

The Green Room I, 2016

C-type print

100 x 80 cm

Edition of 5 + 2 APs, number 1 of 5

Nikolas Ventourakis’ ‘The Green Room I’ depicts an image of a domestic interior that is steeped with the history of the photography genre. For the artist, exhibiting the photographs of particular components of interiors and exteriors of buildings, you approach the point where the architecture elements are reassembled in a new space. This is a space where the images enhance. It also recreates the unstable relation between the perception of a thing and our reconstruction of the idea of it.

‘The Green Room 1’ and ‘The Green Room 2’ seem to blur our vision. In fact however their latent actuality makes us put together a clear image in our own mind. We subsequently instinctively know that the indecipherable packet of cigarettes on the side table is indeed a Marlboro. We feel estranged and yet familiar.