Nikolas Ventourakis

Untitled (Luggage Rack), 2021

Fibre Based B&W Print

20.32 x 25.04cm

Edition of 25


Greek artist Nikolas Ventourakis’ work stems from abstracted private experiences, depicted through black and white and colour urban photography. In his practice, he often focuses his work on challenging the viewer’s assumptions of his photographs. As well as this he invites viewers to consider artworks as abstracted documentation of a room. Mostly he uses details as the focus of his black and white and colour urban photography, eventually making up a new space entirely. He does this by using simple images without direction or obvious explanation. His photographs represent a relatable feeling of yearning, for places we know, places we’ve heard of and those we think of.

For his ongoing ‘Motel’ series, Ventourakis in this case turns his focus to Motel interiors and the objects within them. This series is one of five projects undertaken after time in Los Angeles, for his Fulbright Scholarship in 2014. His focus on photographs of domestic environment stems distinctly from a fascination with narratives and conclusion. In particular, he portrays mundane imagery taken from memory and private experiences. Ventourakis intends his photographs to seem to have no unanimous foundation, therefore each viewer is left to fill in missing blanks.