Becca May Collins

I am Worried a lot, 2020

Oil on Paper

13cm x 13cm



Welsh born, London-based artist Becca May Collins predominantly addresses sentimentality and nostalgia in her memory landscape work. In her painterly depictions, Collins explores the evolving sentimentality that can be felt towards a place through memory landscape. She uses drawing on location to gain knowledge and understanding of a space. Afterwards, she reconstructs these scenes from memory in her studio. All in all, the memory landscape works give the viewer an insight into the intangible. As an artist, she explores the development of sentimentality towards a site. Above all, she is concerned with drawing attention to the emotional relationships with domestic environments.

Through this, Collins creates a memory landscape to be treated as a snapshot of a time and place. She often focuses her work around sites, places and memories linked to personal memory and nostalgia. In particular, for her series ‘Home, Brecon Beacons’ she created a number of paintings made by memory. She depicts the Welsh landscape in such a way that it becomes elusive and dream-like. The compositions become vibrant and figurative, due to the nature of which they are painted.