Maria Carbonell

The Knife, 2015

Oil on board

73 x 60 cm

Maria Carbonell’s work deals with the human condition. Simultaneously, she explores themes of isolation and death through each of her painted portraits. With this intention, ‘The Knife‘ portrays an image of innocence and ambiguity. Similarly, this is shown in her focus on the study of the human figure. Whilst exploring concepts of identity and perception, her painted portrait still reflects on humanity. Concurrently, the artist’s painted portrait portrays an interest in the inevitability of death. The work’s duplicity is very important, giving the work internal tension.

“The more you try to represent reality the further you are of it. And what I like most of it is that, at the end, you realise that it is just painting.”

Maria Carbonell was a finalist at the BP Portrait Award, London (2014, 2015). She was chosen for her painted portrait ‘The Red Chair’  (2015), depicting the artist’s parents Jesus and Katy. Carbonell wants to depict the routine and familiarity of their long life together. The painting is also a tribute to their dedication in supporting their daughter.


$ 3,500.00

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