Becca May Collins

Never Once in my Life, 2020

Oil on Paper

20.9cm x 15.2cm


Welsh artist Becca May Collins creates alluring and colourful landscape painting work with a very particular process. Instead of working from photographs taken on site, Collins paints these scenes by memory. Within this method, she carefully visualises the glorious Welsh landscape instead of working from real life. In this way, she creates a final outcome of her landscape painting work which is vibrant and abstracted. As well as this, the memory paintings show a specific version of these places in her memory, making them warmer and perhaps romanticised. ‘Never Once in my Life’ is part of Collin’s series ‘Home, Brecon Beacons’, portraying her longing for her home.

In her practice, she primarily explores the development of sentimentality towards a place or site. Most often works with particular sites over time, using image-making as a way to materialise hazy memories. In turn, these strengthen her connection with a place. She currently makes work around ideas of the home and longing. Her imagery is warm, considerate and speaks of a gentle narrative of detachment. In each painting, she reveals a gentle narrative through landscape work. She works with these specific sites over long time and through visuals she materialises these warped and romanticised memories. In turn, these strengthen her bond to a place and the objects that live in those places.
Her work is held in public and private collections, including the Royal Collection and she was a Bloomberg New Contemporaries Artist 2019.