Julie Rafalski

Projections I, 2014

Heavyweight fine art paper, 300 gsm, extra smooth matte finish, acid-free 100% cotton.

33cm x 48 xm

Edition of 30

Artist Julie Rafalski creates playful dialogues in her modernist print work. As well as using the visual language of modernism, Rafalski re-contextualises this by adding another layer of meaning. With this intention, she often reuses printed ephemera that document pieces of art or buildings. In her modernist print work, she mostly sources images from art history books and encyclopaedias. With this, she intervenes with these images in different ways, often by fragmenting the image, folding it, changing its scale, or playing with its display. Above all, her pieces constitute a remixing of material, forging new and playful connections or re-stagings of modernist works. To conclude, Rafalski invokes the ghosts of the modernist era, inviting them to join her in conversation.

In‘Projections’, images of Mies van der Rohe’s interiors have been overlaid with brightly coloured geometric shapes that demarcate a superimposed space. In this case, these shapes are in dialogue with van der Rohe’s architectural language. With this in mind, they act as a silhouette outline of an alternative constructed space, above all that could exist within his architecture. Several of her other pieces show reconstructed images of the American colour field painters Ellsworth Kelly and Barnett Newman.