Judith Stenneken

Untitled #36 (Staircase), 2016

Archival pigment print

91 x 61 cm

Edition of 5 + 1 AP


Perceptive Photography is at the heart of ‘Untitled #36’. Judith Stenneken explores themes of civilisation, physical state and identity in her photography within this series. This work is part of Stenneken’s series ‘a mountain is only a slow wave’. Each photograph emphatically portrays an alternate perception of the world. In essence, the black-and-white series is intended to be seen as a whole body of work. Each photo is a piece of the whole. Stenneken uses metaphors to address issues of adaptation through perceptive photography.

‘What if we leave our fear of change behind and accept that change is constant? What if we embrace change, make it our ally and learn how to live consciously in and through and with it in every moment?’

Stenneken creates a perceptive world of photography characterised by constant renewal and shifting physical states. From fixed to fluid to vaporous; a world where inside and outside merge, where rocks turn into water, identities are fluid and time collapses; its spaces and inhabitants mirroring the ever-shifting state of this world.