Joonhong Min

Urban Methodology triptych, 2016

Ink pen on waste paper and objects.

50 x 70 x 2cm

The competition in major cities is fierce. Joonhong Min captures chronic feelings of anxiety, living with people obsessed with success, falling behind in the competition and being alienated from others. He deals with this urban life that elevates the chronic anxiety as a main theme in his work.

Disused wrapping paper and building materials, once used to compose cities, which exist in people’s lives, are the dominant materials for his artworks whose subject matter is the city. He finds and collects these waste objects from the streets every day. He then dissects their original forms in order to function and reassemble these collected materials in his own way.

On the surfaces of these works, he unfolds his impression of cities with ink pen drawings. The consistent thickness of the line, tightly drawn into hatches with ink pen, fills the surface in an even manner particular to this medium. Unlike the various thicknesses of pencil and infinite colours of painting pigments, the monochromatic pen drawings are expressed by methodic composition of lines. The finished visual outputs are arranged in installations, which serve as a response to the real space and transform as the images spread out to the flat field.



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