Janet Currier

Cubicle, 2020

Acrylic ink and pencil on paper

171 x 113 cm

The hospital is an underlying presence in this work by Janet Currier, ‘Cubicle’, 2020, part of a series of paintings.  The organic forms at the forefront of the work slowly emerge as a hospital curtain concealing a series of IV stands.

The work reflects Currier’s ongoing concern with narrative and painting. It is not immediately clear what we are looking at and there is a feeling that something is happening outside the pictorial space. We are only seeing part of what is going on, or we are seeing it in such haptic detail that we can no longer make sense of what it is.

The body is a crucial element in the story. For Currier, the patterned curtain represents the inside of the body in microscopic detail. It becomes a multiverse of co -existing organisms and functions. Interconnected lymph like forms filter and clean carrying fluids from one place to another. A reference to the hardware of the chemo suite, these nodes are also a metaphor for the maternal subject and the work of caring, looking after and nurturing others.