Janet Currier

Cubicle, 2020

Acrylic ink and pencil on paper

171 x 113 cm

The hospital is an underlying presence in this work by Janet Currier, ‘Cubicle’, 2020, part of a series of painting.  The organic forms at the forefront of the work slowly emerge as being the form of a hospital curtain. At the bottom of the work, the legs of the IV stand emerge.

For Currier, the use of the paper reflects her concerns with containment and non-containment. In these paintings on paper there is always a feeling that there is something outside the space. You are just seeing a part of something. There is psychological pressure. There is also a tension between containment and non-containment. As well as a tension between wanting to be contained and not wanting to be contained.

The body is a crucial element to this work. Janet think of the body as a multiverse, a host for other organisms, which are now inside the body, like inner space. For her, this series of work has morphed into being about the lymphatic system. It is an interesting metaphor because it’s a system connects everything. It cleans and it takes toxins away. In cancer terms, it’s how tumours metastasize and cancer is transferred from one part of the body to another. Therefore to the artist it feels like a good metaphor for the maternal subject. She sees the strange nodes that evolve in the drawings as organisms coming from the mothership. The title and subject all allude to a hospital painting that relates back to the maternal subject.