Jaanika Peerna

Tipping Point 9, 2019

Pigment pencil on mylar

137 x 91.5 cm

‘Tipping Pont 9’ is a drawing where the artist uses her body as the pivotal point within the work. The drawing is from a series of the same name, ‘Tipping Point’. In these works, Peerna marks the mylar with the pencils with her eyes closed. The marks on the surface are made with her literally tipping over into the work. At the moment of the loss of balance, the pencils and eraser make marks on the surface. This action is repeated a number of times. An intimate studio piece, the drawing references Peerna’s more public performances.

Like all of Peerna’s work, this series engages with the issues of global warming. The work is inspired by the tipping points and feedback loops examined in climate science, weather conditions averaged over a period of time. A tipping point in the climate system is a threshold that, when exceeded, can lead to large changes in the state of the system.