Jaanika Peerna

Screech of Ice 65, 2019

Graphite and colour pencil on mylar

28 x 23 cm / 11 x 9 inches (paper size - unframed)

Jaanika Peerna portrays a soundscape of ice melting and moving in her environmental drawing from the ‘Screech of Ice’ series. The artist draws each piece as she listens to recordings of the ice. She hears the moving, shifting and melting that now occurs in nature. This environmental drawing becomes a record of her reaction to this event.

Peerna subsequently responds instinctively to the sounds she listens to. To make the works, she moves the pencils across the paper with both hands, as though transcribing the sounds. A sense of concentrated energy then emanates from within each drawing. The edge of the paper contains or restricts the marks of the pencil. The pencil marks frequently cross over the boundaries of the edge. Therefore, they show the artist’s complete immersion in the sound. They create an energy that cannot be contained or restricted. And yet, while the sound of ice melting is eerily beautiful, the associations of melting glaciers and global warming are inescapable. However, as with her other work, the series addresses directly the loss of glaciers on both poles due to climate change.

This series was exhibited at Peerna’s recent solo exhibition at Real Art Ways.