Jaanika Peerna

March Solace #10, 2020

Mylar, Pigment print, graphite, metallic pencils and colour pencils

134.6 x 89.5 cm


Estonian artist Jaanika Peerna’s diverse body of work spans from video, installation and performance and more recently, ice drawings. Mostly, Peerna’s work, deals with the theme of transitions in light, air, water and other natural phenomena.

For her new ‘March Solace Series’, she has created a body of drawing work inclusive of many processes.To begin, she starts the mark making process with her sculpture making. During this process, she cuts and draws onto the mylar, the plastic she also uses for her ‘Glacier Elegy Series’. Eventually, she melts the material with either ice or water. As well as this, she creates structures to be adapted and broken in different ways. These pieces then move on to become the elements in her big sculptural wall works.

As part of the layered process, she creates large photographic prints of these sculptures, finally drawing onto them to make the ‘March Solace’ works. With layered lines, she creates intuitive and environmentally engaged ice drawings.

Jaanika’s ice drawings explore ‘glacial memory’ deriving  from her interest in the increase in glaciers melting and the climate crisis. Simultaneously, scientists have proven glaciers hold memory about our ecological time on earth, importantly, she aims to depict this in her alluring ‘March Solace Series’. This layering of time reflects the layers of her personal history contained within these works.

“In the original drawings I make very rhythmic, straight lines. I start with very straight lines with lots of pencils and then let myself fall with them, onto the Mylar, leaving these vertical lines, which then get overwritten by either water or ice.” Jaanika Peerna